Installation and Setup

This section consists of the following:

Installing the i.LON 700 Hardware

Installing the i.LON 700 involves securely mounting the i.LON 700 to a DIN rail, connecting to a network, connecting to power, and connecting to one or more interfaces, depending on the types of devices to be used. 

The Hardware section provides detailed information regarding the features and specifications of the i.LON 700, as well as installation instructions.

To install the i.LON 700, follow the instructions in the Installation section.

Connecting to the i.LON 700

 This section describes the various ways you can establish connections to the i.LON 700.

Login to the i.LON 700

This section describes logging in to the i.LON 700

Launching the i.LON 700 Configuration Pages

This section describes how to launch and use the Configuration pages