This section describes how to install the i.LON 700 and consists of the following:

Power Source Requirements

The i.LON 700 requires an external low voltage power source to supply additional power for devices that are plugged into it. For information on how to select a power source for your application, see Connect the i.LON 700 Power Input.

Installing the i.LON 700 Hardware

To install the i.LON 700 hardware, follow these steps:

  1. Mount the i.LON 700 as described in Mount the i.LON 700.

  2. Connect the LAN (ETH0) Ethernet port on the i.LON 700. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the LAN (ETH0) port on the i.LON 700, and then connect the other end to an Ethernet switch or hub that can communicate with your computer, or connect directly to your computer. For more information on this step, see Connect the i.LON 700 Ethernet Interface in this chapter.

    Note: The WAN ETH1 interface is reserved for future use and must be left disconnected.
  3. If you will be communicating with any LON devices using free-topology, power-line or twisted-pair networks, add a LON network interface as described in Connect the i.LON 700 to a LON Network in this chapter.

  4. Optionally, you can connect to the console interface of the i.LON 700. A console interface is typically not required, but you may use it for advanced i.LON 700 configuration options. To connect to the console interface, you can use SSH client such as PuTTY on your computer connected to the i.LON 700 over the LAN Ethernet interface. Alternatively, you may use a serial terminal emulator such as PuTTY or minicom connected to the i.LON 700 over a USB cable connecting your computer to the USB console interface on the i.LON 700. For more information on this step, see Connect the i.LON 700 Console Interface in this chapter.

  5. Connect a 10.5 – 30VDC or a 12 – 30VAC 50/60Hz power source to the power input of the i.LON 700 as described in Connect the i.LON 700 Power Input in this section. The power input is polarity insensitive so you can connect the two power inputs to either power input pin. You can optionally connect the ground input to earth ground, but a ground connection is not required for the i.LON 700. For important grounding information, see Grounding Considerations.

After the hardware installation is complete, you can continue setting up the i.LON 700 by following the information in Getting Started.