Connect the i.LON 700 to a LON Network

You can add an external LON USB expansion module to communicate with any LON FT, PL, or TP-1250 devices. You can add up to eight external LON interfaces, with a maximum of eight FT interfaces, two TP-1250 interfaces, and one PL interface.

To add an external LON USB expansion module, connect the LON USB interface to one of the USB host interfaces on the SmartServer IoT. Use an external, powered USB hub to connect more than four USB expansion modules. 

The following LON USB expansion modules are available for the i.LON 700:

Channel Type                                             

Model Number 

Product Name                                      

Free-Topology Twisted Pair (FT)75060R-40

U60 FT DIN USB Network Interface

C-Band Power Line (PL)75070R-70

U70 PL DIN USB Network Interface

High-Speed Bus-Topology Twisted Pair (TP-1250)75060R-30

U60 TP-1250 DIN USB Network Interface