Login to the i.LON 700

The i.LON 700 ships with a default username and password.  The first time you login to the i.LON 700 you will use these defaults. For security reasons, you should immediately change the password to your i.LON 700 during your first login session.

  1. First connect to the i.LON 700 as described in Connect to the i.LON 700

  2. Once you have a Console window displaying a login prompt, log in to the i.LON 700 with the username apollo, and enter the password ea{nnnnnn}, where {nnnnnn} is the serial number of your i.LON 700.  The serial number is located on the back label on the i.LON 700. (For example if the serial number is 123456, then the password is ea123456.) 

  3. Change the i.LON 700 password by typing sudo passwd apollo and following the prompts to enter a new password.