Creating a New Debug Configuration

You can use the Eclipse source-level debugger to debug your CPM 4200 Wi-Fi applications. To use the debugger, you must first create a debug configuration. You only have to do this once for each new project. If multiple debug configurations are available, be sure to select the relevant one for your project.

To create a debug configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Eclipse Project Explorer.

  2. Right click your project, and then click Debug As -> Debug Configurations.

    The following dialog appears.

  3. Right-click CPM 4200 Hardware Debugging, and then click New.

  4. Enter a name for the debug configuration such as CPM 4200 Debug in the Name box.

  5. Select Select Configuration Using C/C++ Application, and then click Apply to save the new debug configuration.

  6. Click Debug to start the debug session. The following window appears with the application halted at the first line of executable code within the main() function.

  7. Click the Resume button to continue.

To stop the application running again, click the red terminate button or set a breakpoint. You can set up to six breakpoints and four watchpoints.

To restart debugging, click the arrow next to the green debug button and select your debug configuration. Do not click the Debug button again.