Verifying the SmartServer Location

For SmartServer 3.3 and prior, see Configure Your SmartServer (Release 3.3 and Prior)

To verify the location of your SmartServer device, perform the following steps:

  1. Define contexts using the Planning widget, if not already defined. See Defining and Using Contexts for more information.

  2. Open the Devices widget, SEGMENT CONTROLLERS tab. Click the Expand button ). 

  3. Click the Action button () and select the Assign to Context action.

    The Assign to Context dialog box appears.

  4. Select the context to be assigned to the device.

  5. Click ASSIGN.

    The Devices widget, SEGMENT CONTROLLER tab appears with the SmartServer device assigned to the selected context.  

  6. Open the Planning widget. Click the Expand button (  ). 

  7. Hover over the context location that you want to visualize. 

  8. Click the Visualize button ( ).

    The devices that are assigned to the context are displayed. The SmartServer location is displayed in latitude and longitude coordinates.

  9. Click Back to return to the Planning widget view.