Creating a LonTalk/IP Interface

You can use the IzoT Commissioning Tool (CT) to create a network of LonTalk/IP and LON devices and to test your devices. You can also use the NodeUtil Device Utility to query and test your devices. To use IzoT CT or NodeUtil, create a LonTalk/IP interface on your computer to attach your computer to a LonTalk/IP channel.

To create a LonTalk/IP interface on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start button, open the Echelon IzoT Network Service Utilities folder, and then click LonTalk-IP Interfaces. The following dialog appears:

  2. Type a name such as LonTalk/IP in the LonTalk/IP Interfaces box. This will be the name you supply when specifying an interface to IzoT CT or NodeUtil.

  3. Select your LAN connection from the list of available IP interfaces.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Close the LonTalk/IP Interfaces application.